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Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
out on wednesday. in portugal, unions have called people and did them straight against the government's austerity drive. >> that hundred inmates have escaped north of baghdad. nearly half of the escapees were all cut up ring to. seventh of it a little prisoners and guards. data and habit and cattle stories and how a great white shark could soon be on the endangered species list. i hunt >> within the next few hours the fog will move back to the coastline, a beautiful day in the beautiful weekend, sunny and warm as that didn't with 60s along the coast what is this >> in the inland valleys along the day, hot temper to core and extended period of time the port air quality. that will also increase fire danger. we will have some triple digits, possibly setting some records. today, mostly sunny throughout the bay area. >> the big weather story sunday and monday, it is going to get hot. if we are expecting to set some records in triple digits. did not stay in the direct sunlight for too long. by wednesday of next week things will cool down with highs in the east. >>ysabel: great white sh
Sep 30, 2012 8:00am PDT
people to food banks are also impacting the government agencies which ones were key partners. now, they're looking for alternate ways to fill in gaps. jeff years shows a towel community is pitching in. the gamma >> hundreds of volunteers showed up on saturday to help the pressing needs of the local food banks are experiencing. >> people are helping us to do and day-to-day tasks. in her memo we're trying to educate the community about hundred what they can do to make a difference. >> as the need has accelerated, food banks are relying more on individual help from their communities as the sources they have traditionally depended upon diminished. >> given the way the government is, the state budget in federal budget, we will not see a lot of help. >> the contra costa county food banks are no longer the contributors they once were. >> we have seen a significant decline because the u.s. department of agriculture food has declined significantly. we're very concerned. >> an addition to donations and volunteer help to reduce operating expenses, organizations are calling on the community
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2